Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with trendy, upcycled products from discarded burlap coffee bean bags.  By doing this we are able to give these bags new life and decrease the waste going into landfills, even if that is a small amount as of today.  With every purchase of our products, a portion of our earnings are donated to local Urban Development non-profits to start a chain-reaction.  Sustainability starts with us.

Our Vision

There's always more work to be done.  Here at Java Threads, we embrace this reality.  We are constantly striving to increase our sustainability impact by thinking of new uses of this under-appreciated material.  We would love the opportunity to spread our message of urban sustainability to other major cities in the country as well.  


About the team

Cole Geitner

Currently in his third year at Butler University, Cole is learning more about the world of entrepreneurship and marketing every single day.  If you send us an email or see one of our posts on Facebook, it is probably from him!  His passion for Indianapolis and his hometown of Chicago is what drives him to grow this concept.

Jared Rushton
Vice President

Jared is also currently a Junior at Butler University.  He is majoring in both Finance and Entrepreneurship and knows these fields like he has been doing it for years!  He handles all of our financials (Because we both he's better than Cole in this aspect!) and a majority of our operations.  He is the definition of a hard worker with the motivation to back it up.